Born in 1890, Tokyo

Yebisu was first brewed with the
help of a German brewmaster in
1890 with one goal in mind; to
bring authentic German style
beer of Japan.

Yebisu is pronounced
‘Ebis’ in English.

Authentic German Drinking Experience.

YEBISU is brewed adhering to the Reinheitsgebot*, Bavarian Purity Law, to deliver an authentic malt beer experience.


YEBISU is crafted with only carefully selected ingredients from Sapporo Breweries Collaborative Farms in Japan. This unique system guarantees a satisfying beer brewed only with high-quality ingredients.
Even our signature yeasts have been cultured to yield a taste and aroma that’s exclusively YEBISU.

*Reinheitsgebot also known as the Bavarian Purity Law was established in 1516 to ensure quality. This is the oldest, still valid food safety law in the world.

Aged longer with Extra
Malt for KOKU.

More malt means a longer brewing
process—and more flavor.

This extra malt and extra time results
in KOKU, the rich taste and experience
that only YEBISU delivers.

Look. Smell. Taste.

A golden hue glimmering under a gentle froth and the toasty aroma of hops, YEBISU piques the senses and delivers a rich and refined drinking experience for all to enjoy.

Product Info.

Available in 4 packs and cartons of 350mL cans.

5.0% ABV | IBU 22 | EBC 10